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Have you read any of these books? Or watched any of these films and TV programmes?

Are you watching Prime Suspect 1973?

5 reasons why Prime Suspect 1973 is so good.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the spaghetti harvest

Literary Chocolate!

Prime Suspect 1973 | Final episode tonight

Best GE17 video I’ve seen so far…

Who followed the money in Department Q?

April  Bookshelf

Do you still read fiction?

Gogglebox Celebrity Special


Bear Smiles

What’s the most popular fruit in book titles?

On This Day in 1928 Micky Mouse was born. #OnThisDay

Goodbye Love Film!

The longest running British stage play opened in London #OnThisDay in 1952.

7 Favourite Howards End Quotes

Celebrate the birth of Hermione Gingold #OnThisDay in 1897

Some 70s dishes that may not have stood the test of time!

Best of the Business Plans


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